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Remo Versa Drums

Posted: August 14th, 2013 as part of: Products

Sound great. Light Weight. AND...THEY NEST. A DREAM COME TRUE!!

VERSA Drums, a revolutionary new line of World Percussion products, by REMO, are designed to encourage and enhance the use of drumming in recreational music making, education, medicine, and social settings.

Versa Djembe Versa Timbau Versa Tubano

The VERSA Djembe is manufactured with Remo’s Acousticon® drum shell, features the TF 10 Skyndeep® drumhead, "TAPER-FIT DRUM COUPLING" which is engineered to create an easy, self-sealing fit between drumhead and drum shell for optimum sound quality.

The VERSA Timbau is manufactured with Remo’s...



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