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HealthRHYTHMS at Goorus Yoga Studio


Date:Thursday, June 22nd, 2017


Time:7:00pm – 8:15pm




Facilitator:David Van Dorn



Join REMO's David Van Dorn at Goorus Yoga Studio for a very special drum circle on June 22! This will be an evening of relaxation, stress reduction, and connecting with others in a welcoming, friendly environment. No experience necessary.




HealthRHYTHMS is a research-based group drumming program which is used in hospitals, schools, support groups, community outreach, and more. Research has shows this protocol can help strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and burnout rates, improve mood states, and promote creativity and bonding. Trainings are offered around the world.


David Van Dorn Bio:

HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitator David Van Dorn experienced HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming for the first time during his late wife’s battle with metastatic breast cancer. David calls the program “a blessing,” saying it allowed them to be in the moment to the extent that they did not know it was her last day until it became her last day.



15327 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


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